Stone for homes: Stone manufacturer not just reacting to consumer demand but anticipating it, and offering a wide variety of products, textures and colours

April 16, 2015

If man-made stone for homes is manufactured properly, even the most discriminating consumer would not be able to tell the difference between natural stone and man-made stone if they were looking at homes with both types of stones

Selecting the stones to produce the moulds

Canyon Stone™ stone veneer is hand crafted from moulds created using natural stone found all over the United States. Making moulds from real stones ensures that the man-made stone product has the proper texture and exhibits all of the organic features that give natural stone its inherent beauty. These textures range from fairly smooth to, worn or coarse, depending on the stones that have been selected.

Canyon Stone Classic Cut: Driftwood image

Canyon Stone Classic Cut: Driftwood

Mixing high quality ingredients to produce the stone

Canyon Stone™ products are made from Portland cement, natural aggregates and pigmentation. No synthetic foams, resins or plastics are used.  Canyon Stone™ products achieve the majority of their overall colour through a substantial base pigmentation. This assures that there is colour through the entire stone structure. Each stone is hand-shaded for perfection of shape, texture and colour.  Manufactured stones will weather like natural stone. They will even grow moss.

Quality and the finishing touches

Canyon Stone™ products have been industry-tested for durability, consistency and strength. Canyon Stone™ provides many unique accessories to complement your choice of stone. These include keystones, soldiers, wall caps, pier caps, hearthstones and sills.

Canyon Stone Canada Inc carries a variety of manufactured stone for homes that can be grouted or dry stacked, in a variety of remarkable colours, for either exterior or interior wall applications.  Visit one of our dealer showrooms and ask about Tuscan Fieldstone, Classic Cut or other exterior stone product lines. For a free catalogue, or to locate a Canadian dealer near you click here.