Stone veneer fireplace installation

April 15, 2015

Classic chimney stone veneer fireplace

Fireplaces have received a lot of attention in the past few years. Many home owners are choosing to add fireplaces as decoration instead of the traditional method of heating. The advantages to having a fireplace is that they are functional. Not only can they be used as supplementary heat sources, they also act as the key accent piece to the room they reside in.

Stone veneer is often times paired up with modern fireplaces because of its versatility, practicality and visual appeal. Although the chimney style fireplaces are still popular there have been numerous changes and additions to the modern fireplace. Here are some examples.

Classic chimney stone veneer fireplace: This style emulates the real wood burning fireplaces seen in older homes. The look requires one to choose larger stones like Field Stone, Classic Cut or Natural Stone Veneer to emulate the look of real chimney stones. The trick here is to create a visual chimney structure by aligning the stone veneer in a vertical fashion. Take a look at how a real chimney looks to get a better feel for how to match the pattern with stone veneer.

Chimney unit stone veneer fireplace: This style is similar to the previous chimney style fireplace in that it emulates the look of a real wood burning fireplace with stone veneer. However the difference here is to just build up the base with stone veneer and leave out the chimney structure altogether. This look saves time and gives that real wood burning fireplace feel.

Fieldstone fireplace image

Fieldstone fireplace

The floating stone veneer fireplace: This is the modern way of adding a fireplace to a home. The fireplace unit sits in the middle while the surrounding area is filled with stone veneer arranged in a brick like horizontal alignment. Neat and geometric stone patterns like our Quartzite, Timber Ledge or Natural Stone Ledge stone veneer work best. Arrange the stone veneer in even horizontal patterns and remember to leave a space for the fireplace to achieve this look.

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