Antique Wall Brick Veneer Series

Antique wall brick veneer is manufactured to simulate a real weathered brick. Install antique brick veneer in your interior stone designs to create an exposed wall brick look in a new building or create the authentic look of antique brick using lightweight stone veneer brick in an existing older structure. No one will be able to tell that it wasn’t always there.

Texture: used, tumbled texture

Installation: standard brick joint

Thickness: 3/4 inch

Height: 2 1/4 inches

Width: 8 1/4 inches

Approximate Weight: Flats: 3 – 4 lbs per square foot

Approximate Weight: Corners: 3 – 4 lbs per linear foot

The Ageless Building Material for Interior Wall Cladding accent walls / bar walls / brick veneer fireplaces / backsplashes For centuries bricks were considered to be the finest and most versatile building material for mankind. From ancient Rome throughout the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Industrial Revolution until the present day, bricks were and are widely used to construct structures designed to last for an extensive period of time. Sturdy, decorative, lighter than natural stone, and resistant to weathering, bricks are used to build or clad structural walls. In recent decades a new trend has developed – brick veneers became very popular as a decorative material for interior wall cladding. The roots of this fashion trend originate from the concept of combining modern interior features like stainless steel, glass, and ceramics with old fashioned hardwood floors and antique brick veneer walls.

This model is particularly popular in condominium lofts, basement entertainment hubs, trendy restaurants, as well as retail chains where creating the vibe of a “cool” atmosphere within is desirable. Interior brick veneer or antique brick veneer installed over accent walls gives a special feeling to the room; a sense of having a connection to the past in present time Modern interior brick veneer has only one thing in common with real brick – its traditional or antique look. Other than this it is quite a different building material; only a ¼ to ½ an inch thick, lightweight, and designed to be applied as brick veneer refacing over existing substrates like bricks, concrete, drywall, and plywood.

Due to its traditional look, interior wall cladding with brick veneer is very popular in the older parts of the city like old renovated buildings, factories converted to lofts, common areas in condominium buildings, as well as pubs and restaurants including bar walls and accent walls When an old fashioned concept has to be introduced to a modern interior, most designers think of interior brick veneer first. When an old, beaten up, stucco or painted exterior of a 100 year old building needs renovation in keeping with the style of the old downtown core, architects think of brick veneer refacing. Thin, light, and available in numerous colours and textures, brick veneer cladding can easily be installed over existing walls with little to no preparation.

When there is a need for an accent wall that serves as a backdrop for an art exhibit or a product and merchandise display at a store – there is interior brick veneer. Bar walls cladded with a brick veneer refacing along with brick veneer fireplaces create the impression that the pub has a 200 year old tradition. The possibilities in the use of interior brick veneers are endless. From accent walls to pillars, brick veneer fireplaces to simple backsplashes, antique brick veneer is the building material of choice for all projects where fashion, elegance, and simplicity are highly desired.

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